He worked up a straight-to-the-point page to toss his hat in the ring. Do you have a portfolio? I’d hope that most readers understand that companies are not all the same in their hiring and what may get you hired at one will not get you hired at another. Er… how difficult is it to have an awesome cover letter and resume? We’ve learned this lesson with other positions, too.

Cover letters say it all. Without that fundamental understanding, it’s hard to judge what constitutes a job well done. A good cover letter is a marketing pitch – it draws the reader in, and encourages them to read more. I wouldn’t have pointed it out otherwise. All I want is some indication that someone has read the posting, and that they comprehend what we’re looking for. Cover letters for community management positions must understand what a community manager role is.

How would we even know? Your resume may show little experience in your new field, so you have to make your case in the cover letter. A tie says “BigCo refugee”.

But because we hadn’t actually followed up on these new business opportunities before, it was hard to know exactly how to proceed with a candidate.

Despite that, JZ still had great work and kept in touch. Rishkadog on 02 Jun They’re made of action verbs that don’t really mean anything. It takes the tone of the job post in question, and matches the company vibe. The best are everywhere.


This cover letter matches 37 Signals Philosophy nicely. Federal distribution formats 37signals letter format for each application Presentation: MikeMacMan on June 1, Likewise, landing a great job is hard. Without that fundamental understanding, it’s hard to judge what constitutes a job well done.

37signals resume cover letter

Jonas Downey Designer reached out to Jason after he tweeted about a new design role within 37signals. First, we hire late.

37signals resume cover letter

Not only tailoring your cover and your TUNE — but your approach entirely. I am a hiring manager at a Fortune company that hires embedded software development engineers.

37signals resume cover letter

That was my point: The formal cover letter – A PDF attached to the job application with a classic 4 paragraph layout – is quickly becoming obsolete. PebblesRox on June 1, Any drop-out or 37wignals graduate who ever took a creative writing class in college could wow you just as effectively with a less than qualified resume.

I read cover letters.

37signals resume cover letter

If you’re applying at a VC-funded company, there’s a decent chance the HR person has no idea what the engineering culture is actually lettee. His reel got him an interview, and his test got him the job. Web Designer And tell them why you find this an admirable company and one that you want to work for. Those that actually read like an application to a specific role and not a generic note are already miles ahead.


Jason Zimdars Designer was quick to respond to this job posting. Bruce McTigue on 01 Jun Ryan Singer Designer, Product Manager was one of a few designer candidates that Jason picked in for a chance to join 37signals to work on client projects.

Forget the resume, kill on the cover letter

Sign up below to try it for free today. Button it up, to just top button open, roll down sleeves, you’re at work. Even when people aren’t intentionally trying to trick you, they often stretch the truth. Arik Jones covef 01 Jun Because of this, at Brightbox, we have a specialist email address just for recruitment agents — root localhost.